behind the veil of writing

Since childhood I understood that people were the passion of my life. Knowing their thoughts, understanding why they made one choice rather than another, and helping them to overcome their fears. 

In 1985, as soon as I graduated from Stanford University, I started my career as a psychologist in the best companies, following everything related to marketing. 

In 2005 I quit this job, although it was very lucrative and I liked it, because I wanted to take a sabbatical and reflect on my life. I dedicated myself to my family, my beautiful wife and our children. Inspired by my wife's incredible organization and efficiency, I decided to resume studying, and after a few masters and courses on entrepreneurship, productivity and time management I incorporated my knowledge into a completely new profession.

I still haven't found a name that's both catchy and short enough, so if someone should coin it, please let me know, I really need it! 
Joking aside, throughout the first decade of 2000, I devoted all my time and energy to making the life of CEO's of major companies as simple and effective as possible.

Now, 2020, with its incredible vicissitudes, has inspired me to do something more, for everyone. In my own small way, I want to change people's lives for the better, simplifying them habit after habit, thanks to the incredible power of books. 

New challenges and new projects do not frighten me, I have a simple and concrete approach to every possible problem.

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